This is a trying time for many of us in the world and we hope all are safe. In light of increased requests for additional studying opportunities, SFPE is adding free pre-course Office Hours for the PE Exam Review program. Registering for our online PE Exam Review course by May 14, will give attendees access to an instructor for an additional 4 hours of open office hours. These sessions will allow attendees who are looking to get a boost on their preparation for the fall FPE Exam opportunity to ask questions and provide some input on areas that they are looking for help with. Each session will focus on two or three areas of the exam and have several of the instructors available to answer. Please find the current office hours schedule below:

Thursday, May 21  6:00pm EDT – 7:00pm EDT – Fire Dynamics/Smoke Control

Thursday, June 4  6:00pm EDT – 7:00pm EDT – Analysis/Fire Detection and Alarms

Thursday, June 18  6:00pm EDT – 7:00pm EDT – Water Based/Special Hazards

Thursday, July 2  6:00pm EDT – 7:00pm EDT – Passive/MOE/Human Behavior has the additional information around the course program.

SFPE Webinar - PE Licensure – How and Why?

On May 4th, we will be holding a free-to-all  webinar “PE Licensure – How and Why?” which will provide an overview for registering and preparing for the PE Exam as well as give attendees an opportunity to have their questions answered.