Many people have been asking Sagiv Weiss-Ishai to go virtual with his Elevator-Fire codes training and he finally decided to go for it … so his classes have been Re-Certified by ICC for Online Training CEUs and he's trying to get this class going in December – combining the elevator-fire stuff with some very interesting new CA Elevator-Fire Code changes…

This training will cover all most recent elevator-fire code and interface changes in the IBC, CBC, A17.1 and NFPA codes and it would be very beneficial for Fire Jurisdictions (AHJs, Inspectors, Firefighters, etc.) to get up to date on all the new developments and changes. The class is certified by the ICC for 8 hours (0.8 ICC CEUs).

Sagiv will also discuss the specific CA changes related to this codes and will put everything together in a fun format!

As you may be aware, the CBC-2019 Intervening Code cycle was recently approved by the CA Building Standards Commission (Final Express Terms – SFM 01/19)

This Code will become effective in CA on July 1st, 2021 and it includes numerous significant changes in Chapter 30 related to Elevators and their interface with Fire Life-Safety systems (Sprinklers and Fire Alarm). This work was done by the CSFM Elevator Work Group and the following many new Chapter 30 Sections were approved.

Please see the link below to the flyer or go to for more information and to sign up!